14 September 2010

~ photos from a picnic ~

Sahel Academy kicked off its new school year with a picnic. And, of course, our children were delighted to be there. One of my new friends and colleagues, Katherine (and that's Katherine, not spelled with a "y!") snapped (or allowed one of my wild ones) to snap, the following photos. I thought most of them were super cute, so here they are!

Katherine is working for me in the Center for Academic Progress... in fact, because I'm only part-time at the school, she's carrying the bulk of the load of time with students and she's doing an awesome job... and she and I are both going to pick up a few more responsibilities as the other lady working with us in the Center had now been moved to a different position!

I've been enjoying getting to know her...
...maybe almost as much as Elsie Mae!

Et voilà!

the rest of the photos
(yes... Jon found a ruler which doubles as a sword in many of these images)

in search of water on a hot evening

the mighty toad hunters

she really does love her big sis

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  1. My, but your little M & M has grown since I last saw you! Sounds like things are rolling along for you all. Love your posts!

    Cathy P.


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