25 September 2010

~ A Favorite Niger Image ~

I saw this picture on one of the on-line Niger News Sources we use frequently... I love it ~ it is so "Niger!" The river waters have receded lately, and the rains seem a little less ferocious and coming less often... heat is mounting...

All of that to say that I think, and many of our African friends have said, that "monsoon" season is winding down. However, the Niger River does not typically crest each year until January. Therefore, we'd like to ask you to pray for this country... That the Lord gives the right balance of rain in the few remaining weeks of rainy season to help the crops mature into an abundant harvest, but that there is no more significant flooding with destruction of homes, loss of other property or loss of life.

And pray that same thing for this country (and our family)... theoretically, on a spiritual level. That God provides enough of the difficult so that people will seek and search for Him, and then He will reap an abundant and amazing harvest for eternity in this land.

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