03 September 2010

And just how was that school day?

Well... I'm not gonna tell ya... I'll let my middlers do it themselves!!

"My first day back in French school was alright. Le maitre explained all the rules today and then made us all repeat his name, individually... but it was really long and I've already forgotten it. We didn't hand out our cahiers yet, but we talked about our schedule a lot. I think he's one of those teachers who wants to explain EVERYTHING. I think my favorite subjects will be Arts (M. Thomas is still there) and Sports. It was almost, kind of okay to be the biggest kid in my family there, but that's still scary. I think my teacher is nice and I might have a chance to have a good year."

Well, first Dad walked into the courtyard with us and stayed with us until the bell rang. I have one of Nadia's old teachers. He's nice but I don't know if he remembered me. Anna and I walked around at recess. I barely understanded the French, but I was able to figure out what to do. I think my favorite thing to do is going to be writing stories and then drawing pictures to go with them. I recognized one girl in my class from before, but I can't remember her name. I think school there this year is going to be fantastic!

My teacher told me to go over and read books. She said it in French, but I don't know how to read French. We writed and colored and sat down a lot. Tantie was nice. She used to be Nadia's, Anna's and Tori's tantie. My best part of the day was coloring. I had to color a picture of a treehouse that I drew. My teacher was okay. But I miss Mrs. Romig, Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Tomko. Me think school might be okay, but it REALLY is a little bit too long."

My favorite story from the day, however was when the director of the preschool was talking with Tim... she said Jonathan was so cute. She went up to him during one of the recess times and started talking to him, asking him about his day. He looked at her slightly panicked and said "No French! No French! She told him that whenever he needed to hear some English, he could come and find her! :-)

When God brings our family to mind,
keep praying for this challenging transition!

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