06 September 2010

Multitude Monday - 1000 Gifts - Our Home Church

We are so thankful for Calvary Baptist Church, our American home church! They do so much to encourage and care for us while we are on the field and while we are back home in the States. We are still overwhelmed that they've chosen us to be their missionaries, and that they love investing in this ministry to the people of Niger... that God has given us... it truly is our privilege! We miss them... but are so thankful for their commitment to us and for their integrity, their unwavering doctrinal stands yet the gracious friendship and offer of discipleship they extend... Our church is a big part of who we are and how we seek to serve in this land.

#376 Pastor Dan, our senior pastor, who has always been and continues to be (he called us this past week to help with a problem) persistant in prayer, available for advice or wonderful, encouraging words, or gives us a needed challenge to change

#377 His wife, Cheryl, who so graciously shared parts of her Bible study with me, allowing me to do one of the things I most love to do ~ share about what God is teaching me through His Word

#378 Other pastors, their wives, teachers and administrators who serve at the church, the Academy or the preschool and who've ministered to our children in so many wonderful ways, making this past furlough year an amazing one for our family

#379 Special friends from church, two families who first opened their homes, lives and hearts to our family, first connecting on a Labor Day picnic last year and who've now become so much more than just friends... they're family

#380 A church community with whom our parents can serve and worship... and who is there to love, encourage and care for our moms and dads when we can't be

#381 a beautiful place for worshipping the Lord, and the people who help to keep it that way... they welcomed Brendan into their midst last year as he was able to work as a janitor at the school

#382 Amazing music ~ God has truly gifted our church with talented singers and musicians who share their gifts to direct eyes and hearts towards God

#383 Office staff who are always ready with a smile on their face, one in their voice or a smile in their words each time we contact the church

#384 Opportunities for our children to meet new people and try new things because they are a part of the church and school

#385 Special services celebrating traditions from home and holidays that are not a part of our lives in Niger

#386 All the kids who never failed to greet our family with smiles, hugs and high fives... just because we were the missionaries who spoke in chapel sometimes

#387 that our church believes in the effectiveness of audio-visual tools to disciple and evangelize... they gave Tim some of his first opportunities so serve through audtio-visual ministries

#388 that God builds His church and is building this local church

#389 for growth in godliness, a vision for the future and the exciting, changes we've seen in our church and through our church over the past year

holy experience

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  1. What a beautiful post and Godbless Missionaries!

    Our Church has and amazing worship service too! I think it is so important.


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