20 September 2010

Multitude Monday ~ 1000 Gifts

"There are two ways to live your life.
One is as if nothing is a miracle, the other is as if everything is."

~ today, by God's grace, I'm choosing the latter ~

#400 Pringles for a snack treat...for breakfast...

#401 packages from home

#402 little girl dressing up like Dora

#403 not quite two year old who can "la-la" to the tune of "Before the Throne of God Above...," and does, often all day long

#404 tears that fall at sweet memories

#405 potty training

#406 rainy nights, even when that means crawling out of bed to hurriedly pull drying laundry down

#407 the quietness and simplicity of hanging laundry on a line... and then waiting for it to dry... reminding me of meditating on Scripture and waiting for the Holy Spirit to softly speak

#408 birthday parties with friends and friends who have become family
#409 teens leading worship

#410 construction projects that are moving along

#411 new friends and colleagues

#412 rough transitions beginning to smooth

#413 malaria prophylactics ~ as bitter as they are to swallow, they offer a measure of protection

#414 water held back, finally receding, at least for a time

#415 dikes that hold

#416 fresh watermelon with the seeds

#417 sweet midnight snuggles and cuddles

#418 computer chats that bring a smile, even while in the same house, just different rooms :-)

#419 just saying "hi!" - even if there's no time for more than that

#420 email conversations throughout the day

#421 new dresses picked out by Daddy

#422 homemade orange sherbert

#423 Ranch dressing packets(of the Hidden Valley Ranch variety) shared, just for Tim... Yes! we have amazing friends!!!

#424 crockpots for when there are no gas bottles in town

#425 quiet laughter shared late at night over something one or more of the kids have done... shared with that guy who still makes my heart flutter...

holy experience

Found the picture on-line, on a web site dealing with meditation (and not one that I could recommend), but could not find a copyright notice or to whom I should give credit... yet thought it fit the quote above.

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