16 September 2010

An Update on Anna

If you follow any of our family on Facebook, you'll know that Anna has had a few bumps in her road as she has started a new school year. And as we've asked for prayer, for all the kids but specifically for her, we wanted to give everyone an update.

She seemed to have a good start, but into the second week, once dictation exercises began, she started struggling with anxiety issues and I knew she wasn't happy. Then, on the fourth day, we received a phone call from the school; she was feeling sick and was crying... could we come and get her. Long story short, a combination of fear and malaria had rocked her world. Frankly, the malaria was the easier of the two to treat (although both caused my heart to ache... we've already had a good scare with Anna and malaria a few years back).

God has taken care of the harder treatment! We are so thankful for God's graciousness, His Holy Spirit who has strengthened and encouraged the heart of our girl, relationships the Lord has allowed us to build during our years in Niamey ~ which led the folks at the school to listen with open ears and open hearts, and the prayers of so many, literally all over the world, along with their kind words of letting her know they cared. All of these things seem to have carried her along. She's survived those first bumps and now, authentically, seems to be enjoying school... not just putting on a brave face for her mama and daddy.

Thanks so much... and when you think of her, keep on praying!

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