18 September 2010

I'm learning 1001 ways...

...to use eggplant. Head on over to "Deep Purple..." This page is a pretty fun read, especially if you are amused by a tongue in cheek sort of humor.

*tiny excerpt*
"When it comes to eggplant, I gotta say you can never have too much. Why? Well I can't think of another piece of produce on earth that can be cooked by every single cooking method around, wet or dry. Not even the potato can say that. Of course there's another reason to appreciate the eggplant, everybody but us does. I mean every culture on earth practically holds this thing in high esteem. What do they know that we don't? Well that when treated with a little understanding and patience, the eggplant is definitely good eats."

Unfortunately, although eggplant is plentiful in Niamey right now, my family is not overly fond of this berry... in fact, it might be the only berry they don't like. I've been trying some different recipes (favorites have been Eggplant/Zucchini Bolognaise and Moussaka is tolerable... Brendan and I like it breaded and fried... Tim and I like baba ganoush...) my gang was delighted to read to the end of "Deep Purple." If you read that far, you'll see why!

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