17 September 2010

Another "New" Opportunity

~ and this one is totally, truely and completely new for me... not something I've ever done before!

One of the blogs I read regularly is called "Missionary Moms," and is, accordingly, a blog seeking to minister to and encourage moms serving on the mission field at home and abroad.

I was suprised, but very happy, when a few months ago, I was asked to become one of the contributing writers. And, as of yesterday, I've now been officially introduced on the blog!

I share this with y'all - even though many of you aren't missionaries, some of you are, and for the rest, if you wanted to head over and check out the blog from time to time, it might give you some ideas for how you can pray for your missionary friends --- ladies trying to find that same balance between wife, mom and home responsibilities as well as serving and ministering to others in their communities... except often they get to do so in a different language, a foreign land or a befuddling culture.

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  1. I saw your article there before I came here. I thought, "I know her!" Well done, Richelle. I know your contributions will be valuable.


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