27 September 2010

Multitude Monday ~ 1000 Gifts

"Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling."
-- Margaret B. Runbeck
#426 airport arrivals

#427 birthday bashes and lots of birthday greetings

#428 recipes that don't turn out quite like hoped, but are so incredibly yummy anyways... and the special lady and sweet girl who went to all the effort to give me such a delightful treat (thank you Nadia and Mary :-)

#429 friends, friends and more friends

#430 family that you'd choose as some of  your favorite friends too

#431 news from distant places

#432 beautiful song recommendation from a wonderful niece

#433 receiving photos of past fun

#434 watching softball, even as the sweat runs down the back of your legs

#435 actually checking everything off the "to do list"

#436 a clean house... even when it is only that way for a very few moments

#437 big kids old enough to take the responsibility for their own laundry

#438 barbecue chicken and 12 quarts of chicken broth

#439 homemade glazed donuts that we can share with friends

#440 little guy who can swim, but is only very slowly gaining the courage to swim in water that is over his head

#441 giving our kids opportunities to succeed... even when it is scary as mom to watch and wonder... and see how they grow and are encouraged

#442 good test results that are the result of studying and good effort 

#443 the challenge of new things

#444 finally organizing the kids' playroom, and seeing once again how she is so much like me!

holy experience

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