02 September 2010

School days, school days...





start the 2010-2011 school year tomorrow. Remember - everything is in French... Jon has no clue what's about to happen although he insists that he will only speak English and not learn French... Tori is super excited and looking forward to a new challenge although she says she's not sure how she's going to talk since she can't remember or understand that language anymore... Anna is scared she won't remember and that she's now the big sister and she doesn't have an older sibling to seek out for comfort.

But, they are all excited, nervous, having a hard time falling asleep, got their new books and backpacks packed... anticipating the first day! We appreciate your prayers... and a first day report card will be forthcoming tomorrow!

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  1. Today when I went to pick up Joel from kindergarten, the teacher said, "debout, Joel". He didn't understand so she said it again and raised her thumb to give him a clue. With a huge smile on his face he gave her his best thumb's up too, just as proud as could be, all the while sitting firmly on his rear. She finally had to take his hand and whisper, "stand up, Joel!"

    Bon courage for your three little ones!!


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