25 June 2013

Traveling about Scotland, Day THREE: Riding horses on a windy Shapinsay Isle

Our first night on Shapinsay, our friends arranged with their friends and neighbors a horseback riding session for our big three girlies.

It was freezing cold, the horses were SO much bigger than the girls were used to... riding different versions of Arabians and desert horses back in Niger...
but it might have been one of the highlights of Scotland for all three of them.

They got some great riding tips from people who KNOW what they are doing ~ 

They rode with the North Sea right there as the backdrop ~ 

The horses were beyond beautiful ~ 

Even though noses were red, fingers were numb and Mama had turned into a popsicle (with wind chill, it was only just a smidgen above feeling like freezing as far as the temp goes), they were all reluctant to say goodbye to both new human and equine friends.

A huge thanks to our friends, the Halls, for arranging this opportunity for my girls.

Another huge thanks to their friends, former expats working in Zimbabwe... They were willing to risk "Oh yes, my girls know how to ride..." (Do you know how many times people say that to horse owners, they agree to put them on the backs of magnificent animals... and they discover that "knowing" was an exaggeration?) Well, these folks risked that with our girls, were pleasantly surprised to find that all three girls have fairly good seats on a horse - although all three both need and would love better quality instruction than they've received to date, that all three were quick learners, and we spent a lovely hour and 1/2 together - riding, watching, learning, teaching... and shivering!

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