24 June 2013

Multitude Monday - 1000 Gifts: Traveling about Scotland Day THREE ~ our first glimpses of Shapinsay

We're on the road... the Encountering Jesus will return next week - I hope... 

Even as I post this, I'm sitting at a campground in the mountains in New Mexico... it is FREEZING and amazingly beautiful!

Enjoy these pictures from Shapinsay - and just a few of the many things I thanked God for during our time on the island ~

this week's gratitude list

(#'s 3938 - 3993)

another safe  albeit very cold ferry ride

boys photographing blowing flags

distant castles

motoring sailboats greeting from afar


girls braving the chilling wind with me

 first looks

closer views of the castle

cattle grazing on the field right by the castle


stone towers right on the beach

stone towers that look like maybe, once upon a time, they stood guard over the harbor

stone towers in misty spray with castles behind them

epic photos I'll probably never get the opportunity to shoot again

huddled horses
stories about a feisty, sometimes irritating Shetland named Duncan

father and son Shetland ponies

driveways with a view

bluebells lining stone fences

borrowed jackets... jumpers... or whatever they call them over there

learning and seeing so many new things

boys exploring

rocky, beautiful, windy beaches

big smiles and my favorite little boy sweater

watching new friendships blossom

painted stormy clouds as a backdrop to ancient architecture

wondering what THEY were talking about

seeing the power of the sea as evidenced by erosion

such color, even on an overcast day

discovering horses in the field

such beauty and variety, even in something as common as a beach pebble

enjoying the wind

discovering seashells

taking rambunctious, friendly puppies on walks

taking rambunctious, friendly kids on walks as well

realizing that even the horses needed their jackets on that day

watching her dream of someday... maybe...

bright blue skies peeking through, even if only for moments

really big horses

beautiful little girls

making a new equine friend

tide rolling out, exposing sand for our return hike

one of those unexpected photos that worked

thinking about warming up by the wood stove

so excited to share her beach treasures

looking at this photo later and realizing the actual moment I accidentally captured

cloudy blue and vivid green

waking up to this our mornings on the island

the stories written by the waves

the graceful beauty of seaweed

such history

sheep grazing

what I imagined the Orkney Islands would be like

looking for mama - this little guy was quite amusing


cows that came running, looking for their dinner, making me smile

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