06 June 2013

The night Gammie and Gampy arrived ~

What was the first thing these girlies wanted to do (well... after hugs and Oreo cookies, of course)?

All five girls gathered around their grandfather's ipod... 
to watch their other grandfather's wedding...
one of those "costs" this life sometimes costs.

That first photo was with the flash.
These next ones are a lot more accurate representations of the actual moment -  
we've not had electricity more than we've had it most of the last two weeks?

Well, don't get me started on the frustrations of trying to prepare for final exams, grade final exams, wind up classes, figure grades, write reports...

...all by candlelight and all while the papers stick incessantly to my sweaty arms and hands.

I must say, the Oreo cookies did help, at least with attitudes!
And everyone was excited to see Grandpa Gene and Grandma Susan's wedding video.

After the video was over, we sat outside by the fire, enjoying the light breeze off the river, until it was time to head to bed.

That also helps save on candle usage... especially when we've been burning through a package a night. 

Just chalk that one up as free advice from a misso 
on how to survive long nights without electricity.


  1. The word I just had to type to prove I was not a robot, was "sustain"...so I think I should share this verse with you-- hopefully an encouraging word from a far country.
    jer. 15:16. Your words are what sustain me. They bring me great joy and are my heart's delight, for I bear your name, O Lord God Almighty!!

    1. love, Love, LOVE that verse. thanks for taking the time to come back and share it with me.

      very weary these days... so it is an encouraging word.


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