28 June 2013

Five Minute Friday ~ In between

His fuzzy, docile head poked out, in between the two red fence boards. His eyes pleaded for attention. It was impossible not to stop and scratch behind those woolly ears and stroke the length of his soft back. But he only poked his face into my world for a brief moment, and then he was off, running around again, playing with his enclosure-mate.

I think I've finally come to treasure those sorts of in between moments - transition times where one foot rests in one world... and the other rests in a different one... and in those brief, fleeting times, I feel a part of both all at the same time. I treasure those moments because it is the closest I can come to having my cake... and eating it, too.

Cruising slowly out of the harbor, waving fierce goodbyes, was another one of those in between moments. We weren't completely gone, we could still see our friends and an island we'd only began to explore and enjoy and love, we wished to stay longer and never knowing if we'd have a similar opportunity in the future - but we were also on our way to the next place, anticipating a change and a new routine, as well as excited for the fantastic fun and adventure that we knew awaited us there.

I hear many complain about how hard transition can be.

They speak truth, for it is often uncomfortable and challenging.

Another option, however, is cherishing and labeling beloved those in between bridges... especially when life is full of so many of them.

*ferry photo taken by my friend Jenny Hall


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  1. Dear Richelle
    I have often found that it is in those in between moments that we become still and experience the beauty of ife and the love if our Pappa God! Yes, there we can have our cake and eat it! Hahahaaa.

  2. Hi Richelle! I am here from FMF. Thank you for visiting my blog!

    I love the picture of the little lamb, and I'm sure it hit you as it hit me, that the Lamb is with us in those 'in between' moments.

    Your story sounds so compelling! I will 'join' you in hopes of getting to know you better :)

    Peace in Christ,

  3. Dear Richelle,
    Are you off to Michigan now? Adorable lamb and I love how your attitude with these transitions...a mix of joy and sadness, and cherishing...what a great word...praying God gives you extra grace as you board the plane...peace to you and your family as you travel, my friend :)

  4. Hi, I love sheep pictures. I really enjoyed reading your "in between" post. I have dreamed about keeping a few sheep when I get some land. I want to have maybe two or three at the most or woiuld they miss being in a herd. They would be pets for me. I also loved the ship picture. Sound like you had a great trip though. Thanks for sharing. I will hop back soon to see what is up.

  5. Hi Richelle, man oh man, you finger paint with words so beautifully. You had me right there with you in those "in between" moments. But what I loved most is your perspective, your other option. I pray we all begin cherishing and labeling beloved every in between bridge. Awesome post!!! And thanks for visiting my FMF blog, glad I found you here. I'll be back.


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