20 June 2013

Traveling about Scotland, Day THREE: The Italian Chapel

leaving the ferry ~ heading through St Margaret's Hope

the ferry, from the other side of the bay

a local farm

yes... I really did drive all week on the left side of the road/right side of the vehicle...
was scary at some points, but mostly - felt like that's how you should drive when visiting the British Isles

a windmill - actually saw some of these out IN the North Sea

sunken boats... one of Jonathan's highlights of the trip

a bird

sheep by the causeway

either click on the pictures to read the story from the photographs
... or go here

the painting details were amazing - it looked as though the chapel was made of tile and stone - not decorations painted on wood

the kids looking at the details

two of the primary architects/artists who constructed this chapel

from the front...


the nearby causeway



  1. Hi Richelle,
    What gorgeous photos...I'm so glad you and your family are able to enjoy beauty together :) Happy Friday, my friend :)

    1. and a happy friday to you as well! it has been a wonderful day, although i'm late posting. got to see my grandparents - a gift i didn't think i'd have waiting for me as i returned for this home assignment ~ i'm honored that you popped on over anyways!

      heading over to see your post for today. it is always a highlight of my fridays, seeing what you post.

      rhythm was a much harder word for me - how about you?


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