15 June 2013

Traveling about Scotland, Day ONE

No... Bren is not driving. He's the fearless navigator.

And for those who've been wondering, I've done okay driving on the left with the driving wheel on the right side of the vehicle.  Only one minor mishap... didn't see the brick hiding behind but still sticking out a bit behind the guard rail... got to close and tore the tire. But after changing to the spare, we went up and over the next mountain and found a tire repair "shoppe."

What are the chances of that in the Scottish highlands? I've not seen another one since (But, I've also not been looking!).

The first couple of days were cold and rainy and we had a lot of distance we wanted to cover, so the kids have enjoyed watching the scenery as we drive by, commenting on the woolly sheep and then we'll stop and take a look at what looks intriguing as we can.

Speaking of sheep?

of the first day...

What in the world would a Niger sheep do if she were suddenly transported from Niger to this land?

After all, there is more green in one of these fields than a sheep from Niger probably sees during the entire course of its life... wouldn't you think?

Even from the plane, the first comment... look at all the sheep in those beautiful green fields... all of which are bordered by stone fences and wild flowers.


We've enjoyed the architecture.

...and as I said, sheep really were the theme of our first day, driving from Glasgow to pick up our camper vans and then from there through Stirling and on up to Glencoe.

One of the lovely lochs!

An old bridge... or aquaduct or something...

This was where Tim suddenly pulled off the road to take a look and I hit the brick with the tire trying to follow him.

Misty mountains... lots of LOTR talk going on at this point. :-)

Streams and brooks creased through the mountains, rolling and tripping down over rocks.

Rocks, rocks everywhere!

Boggy places... Brendan was dying to hike through someplace like this. He finally did, once we reached Glencoe... and then went about a third of the way up the mountain, too.

You can do that when it stays light until 10:30 or 11 at night!

A cairn and a bridge... or so I'm informed by my oldest son!

Setting up camp... and battling midge flies for the first time ever.

She was glad to see her daddy after riding in a different car all day long.

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