11 June 2013

It was one of those moments...

It was one of those moments  -- absolutely impossible to replicate… ever.

And yet it was so beautifully simple.

Leaving the recreation center (where we sometimes retreat for pool time or a couple of hours hanging out watching satellite TV in an air conditioned room), we noticed a huge gathering of black kites hunting something, gliding and drifting, plunging then lifting – over the softball field. Instantly mesmerized, the entire family stopped and watched, our eyes glued to the sky and the movement of those graceful birds, hoping to determine what was the cause of this large gathering of birds of prey.

Then I allowed my eyes to drift back toward the green grass of the infield. 

My littlest one had wandered out, wearing nothing but her swimsuit in several hues of neon, and there she stood. Or, more accurately, there she slowly turned, round and round, head tilted back, eyes skyward, totally absorbed and totally fearless, immersed in the drama taking place just above her. At least fifteen birds, many with wingspans nearly twice her height swooped and dove all around her. Two, in fact, literally collided only feet above her head. The birds pursued recently hatched termites, oblivious to their audience...

Please join me over at my new friend, Rachel Pieh Jones' place
She is an amazing woman; it has been such a joy to get to know her a bit this past year.
She writes at Djibouti Jones (as well as several other places) 
and I'm humbled and honored (and totally overwhelmed) 
that she has invited me to post as part of a series:

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