04 April 2013

NEVER expected to find myself reading a book by this title: The God Hater

It is Easter Break and the librarian at the kids' school always allows students to check about more than the limit since they won't have access to the library for a few weeks.

Brendan came home with this book. He promptly devoured it. Then he tossed it my direction, saying, "Mom, you've GOTTA read this one." Later, he told me he was looking forward to discussing it with me afterwards. 

He's rarely misdirected me with a read... so I did. 

He was right. But before I share what I think, here's what he had to say: 
"The God Hater was a phenomenal book! My favorite element of the story was the development of Dr. Mackenzie's character. Initially a sarcastic, bullying atheist with few friends, his story ends in a double sacrifice. He gives up his life for the betterment of others in not just one, but two worlds. The fact that the author managed this reversal while still staying true to the character and making it feel real has placed this book on my list of future re-reads!"
And now, my perspective ~

A modern day allegory dealing with a computer generated world where the digital inhabitants have the capacity to think, feel, reason and otherwise act completely human, this novel investigates the idea that religious law on its own is dangerous, hurting both those who seek to follow the law as well as those who decide not to follow it. Two key characters include an antagonistic atheist professor at a California university and his corresponding digital personality in the cyber world. A quick read and an intensely thought provoking novel, I highly recommend it ~ as long as the reader keeps in mind that it is meant to be allegorical and not doctrinal.

The very day I finished The God Hater, I also stumbled across this blog post, and some more interesting thoughts right along the same line. Be sure and let me know, if you decided to give either read a gander!


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