27 April 2013

You say you really want to be different... to make a difference...

Do you ever stumble across a blog post (or series) that really makes you stop, sit back and just think? And then recognize that you've been going about some things all wrong?

Rebekah at the orphanage she tries to visit every week.
This one did that for me - and I'm not even sure how I happened upon it... 
  1. Listening well as a person of privilege: Recognize that the rules are different for you
  2. Listening well as a person of privilege: Solidarity first, collaborative problem-solving later
Even the titles provoke thought, don't they... like: Why or why not do you identify yourself as a person of privilege?

This blog post as well (written by my very sweet friend), also challenges ideas along these same lines: 
  • Just because I am a person of privilege, does that mean my perspective is better or more right or more valid? 
  • Can I be trying to help and still be motivated by my own selfish desires and agenda?

I'd love it if you took the time to read - 
and share some of your thoughts afterwards.

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