09 April 2013

An "infamous" word - at least for me

It's a classic end-of-movie scene - full of drama, suspense, loss of hope, tears
and then the happy ending where those tears metamorphosis
into drops winding rivers of joy down smiling cheeks...

the REENTRY of the Apollo 13 space crew!

It resonates with me for more reasons than just the typical movie stuff. I was nearly 19 months old and a recently-become big sister, so I don't actually remember it, but, on April 17, 1970, it really happened...

...Apollo 13, after a traumatic space voyage, 
successfully reentered Earth's atmosphere!

I can only imagine what it might have been like for any and all directly involved with that space mission...

How's that for a teaser to my post over at For Missionary Moms yesterday? If you are curious to know what this video clip has to do with my current series on transitioning from the field to home assignment, head on over to read the rest! And be sure to put your two cents into the conversation, whether you are a missionary or not!

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