01 April 2013

Just in case you missed an update... It's not like there were EIGHT of them or anything...

Over the past three weeks, I've written a post focusing on each one of the Wrightlings, hoping to answer a question I've received from numerous friends and family: 

How can we pray for your children 
as you make this transition?

So, if you missed one of the installments, here's a second chance.
Just click the link below each picture:

And, one final thing, just because I believe it to be some of the best mama-ing stuff I've ever read, hands down. Written by Angie Smith (wife to Todd Smith - of Selah - if you like them, mama to some really cute girlies, writer - of one of my favorite blogs and several books, and speaker), this series of posts deals with the real messages we might actually be communicating to our children by our words and actions, not the ones we think we are or the ones with which we are communicating carelessly. 

Seriously. You need to take a look! And let me know what you think...   

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