07 April 2013

I leave the big kids in charge for one morning... and look what I find on my camera (and Facebook) when I get home!

picking her nose? or trying to make a funny face? your guess is as good as mine

yes - i do love this one... not sure why, but i do

i can't make my eyes do that, no matter how hard i try

yeah... she posted this on fb first, so i figured it was fair game for the blog as well

i try to stay out of her way when she gives me that face

these two specialize in grumbly faces

this photo was a gem among lots of silliness, don't you think?

she doesn't get the crazy face thing as well as her other two sisters

baby boy goats are naturally brats

...she must've been the last one out of bed that morning...


  1. Replies
    1. i do, too... but what about these photos prompted that response?

  2. Getting to see a whole lot of their silly side :)


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