19 April 2013

Five Minute Friday ~ Jump

We're getting ready to make a big jump... from life in Africa, hanging out on the backside of the desert, speaking usually 3 languages in the course of every day, being part of the minority and looking different from everyone else to life back in the middle of Michigan, with carpeted floors, lots of family, much cooler weather, speaking only English but forgetting and using foreign words all the time because they say it better, and looking like we belong but not really feeling it.

And sometimes the only way for me to make that sort of huge jump is to close my eyes, plug my nose and expect a shock - sometimes pleasant, often exciting, occasionally painful - but undoubtedly unavoidable.

Yes, I do have reason to hesitate... but there really is so much to look forward to.

But that's the greatest part of living life following Jesus. Those jumps may cause all sorts of jitters, but they don't have to incapacitate. I may be very uncertain about the landing, but I can be confident in Who will be there to help me either float or find my footing once again.

Which leaves me free to embrace the exhilaration of launching out into another new unknown, even at my age and stage of life.

So... where's the trampoline????

Anyone else feel like making a faith-leap with me?


It's another Friday, another link up chez Lisa Jo, and as you can see - today's word was JUMP! Seems like we've done that word before, but I certainly didn't have all the great sand dune leaping photos at my fingertips.

You should jump on in to the fray yourself. Head over to Lisa Jo's, check out the "rules," and join us! Look forward to meeting up with you over there!


  1. Wow, Richelle...your kids are amazing jumpers...look at the height :) I appreciate your faith...praying today that your transition to life in Michigan will be full of His peace and presence, and lots of fun surprises :)

    1. It's pretty easy to jump like that over the crest of a sand dune.

      We appreciate your prayers. :-)

  2. Love those pictures, good reminder to have fun in the jump! We can relate to having dual communities we call home. Even in America going from ministry in the Delta of Arkansas to our families in the midwest can be a mind-boggling transition. Yes we look the same, but we are different. God has a plan in it all & praying for great JOY as you jump around! -Rachel

    1. Thanks for popping by for a visit!

      I remember when my family moved from Okie to just outside of Boston... talk about a mind-boggling transition! That was just about as crazy as it gets. :-)

      Hope you have a blessed week!


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