20 April 2013

That Boy and THOSE Boots

rain boots for Jonathan 
before Mary Michelle was born... 

(Yeah... nearly 4 1/2 years ago.)

He fell in love with them. 

They were the only thing 
he asked for for Christmas that year...

He played back then in the leaves and the rain and the mud 
(with about 4 pairs of socks) and these boots,
loving every second of it!

He still thinks they're awesome 
for playing in the sand and the rain.

I just LOVE making a good investment... 
in both boots and especially boys!

And YES! Niamey friends - 
Can you believe THREE real rains last week... 
seems more than just mango rains, eh?

My not so little little guy was quite delighted 
to give both himself 
and his boots a few soggy workouts!

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