16 April 2013

I was listening to Elsie Mae read... and we both burst out laughing when she read this part of the book...

It had REALLY been one of those days...

you know?


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    1. what cracked me up even more after the fact was that she was laughing just because it was funny... i was laughing, wondering how many times i'd done that exact same thing on that very day...

      of course, it could just be the reality of life in w. africa and a "WAWA" day.

  2. That is quite possibly my favourite children's book of all time. Perhaps because I've owned it for as long as I can remember (and maybe just a little because of passages like that one!)

    And maybe that's why I keep lots of mental lists, but very few written ones :)

    1. most definitely a classic. and as i've taught my crew to read, i've always loved being a part of its discovery... and rediscovering it myself.

      the wheel on the school is another absolute favorite of mine in children's lit.


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