23 August 2012

FLOODING! Mostly just pictures, 'cause there really are no words...

Photo collage by Chantelle Bliss

Administrative building - Photo by Ray Chamberlain
Reception area inside the administrative building - Photos by Steve Schmidt

Brian (Sahel's director) and Cathy (everyone's favorite librarian) Bliss - canoeing around the morning after, surveying the damage. Photo by Steve Schmidt.

Just last week, the high schoolers were eating lunch right there... library straight ahead and secondary building off to the left.
Photo by Ray Chamberlain

The playground (and the dorm, in this last photo). "Whoooooaaaaa..." said very somberly was the reaction of even our littlest Wrightling when she saw this. Playground photos by Ray Chamberlain.

Water flowing across the road and through holes in the wall.
Photo by Shannon Maxwell

Photo - Christine Philpott Bauer

Photo - Christine Philpott Bauer

Photo - ActuNiger.net
As devastating as the damage to the campus is to us... here are the homes of our neighbors. Tears...
Photo by Ray Chamberlain

Sahel's theme for this year: SEE US SHINE, FOR HIM!
Photo by Ray Chamberlain


  1. Oh,my heart aches for those people who've lost so much. We had a flood of 3' of water in our home, and I know the heartache that goes with that. Thanks for the pictures. We'll be praying!

    1. Thanks, Cathy ~ we really appreciate everyone's prayers... and that they let us know they are praying.


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