14 August 2012

Catching Up - Photos from Andi's birthday celebration (way back in May)

Andi had seen this cake pan mold - and she said THAT was what she wanted for her birthday cake.

Nadia is our cake baker extraordinaire! She used our favorite from scratch chocolate cake recipe (minus the frosting and in between layers).
Rebekah and Nadia worked together to come up with the colors
and actually ice the cake. Doesn't it look great?!!!

Hamburgers was on the menu as the main course of Andi's birthday menu.

Nadia made them, too... They were PERFECT!

Tim volunteered to be the "short-order cook" for the celebratory occasion...
...so he fried the burgers
and the french fries.
The rest of the kids helped set the table -
complete with burger fixins and lots of carrots and cucumbers to munch.
We'd also prepared homemade salsa and guacamole
to give those burgers just that little touch of Tex-Mex flavor.
She really seemed to like her cake...

... don't you think?
It was our delight to be able to thank the Lord for Andi
and celebrate her 19th birthday together in Niger!

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