23 August 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy... Preparing, Preparing, Preparing...

Several weeks back, I wrote about a neat opportunity the Lord has given me and asked you to pray.

Shortly afterwards, I had another sorta-same-but-different prospect land in my lap, I agreed to participate and now the anticipation/trepidation combo mounts exponentially as THE day draws nearer.

You see, this opportunity falls into that category of one-of-those-things-I-hoped-and-prayed-the-Lord-would-allow-me-to-do. I even dreamed, prayed and wondered about this type of possibility before I ever stepped foot in Niger. But some years later, after a few not-so-subtle doors slamming in my face and then one really horribly-terrible-from-my-point-of-view foray into the domain, I'd kinda given up on it. I had finally stuffed that desire into a box, slammed the lid closed - sure to secure it with lots of tape, shoved it way back into the darkest corner on the highest shelf of our magasin {a French word used locally to mean storage room} frequented only by lizards and spiders...  and actually hadn't thought about it for a significant chunk of time.

Early next month, September 5th, I will be speaking with several school directors (principals) from Cornerstone, a local organization of Nigerien Christian educators dedicated to teaching from a Biblical world view and to developping schools that truly disciple students. And, I've been asked to introduce first the importance of educating students with disabilities, and second, some practical strategies for addressing the unique needs in this population of students while still teaching the rest of the class.

I'm looking forward to this opportunity, and would ask you to pray as I prepare, for a clear and effective presentation, that the Lord helps me to communicate well, since the entire discussion will take place in French, and most importantly - that these leaders of Christian education in Niger grasp the significance of providing a quality education for the "least of these."

Thanks, in advance, for your commitment to pray... and for your faithful prayers.

EDITED to add: Cornerstone's, the Nigerien Christian Teachers' Association, office is underwater due to recent, significant flooding... Please keep them in your prayers as they were preparing for teacher training and prep for the coming school year that begins in October.

Photo credit: Linda Watt

Photo Credit: Ray Chamberlain


  1. Wow! I'm excited for you in this opportunity, Richelle. Glad the door opened on this thing that you are passionate about! :)

    1. thanks, Beth... now, if I could just find some quiet time to prepare! :-)


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