21 August 2012


Please pray!
The Sahel Academy campus is flooding.
Thankful that the most recent report I've heard, the buildings are still dry.

from www.actuniger.net

crossing the bridge, where they usually unload pumpkins and squash that have traveled upriver by boat
normally there is a road
you can see several submerged homes and shacks
(photo - Nancy DeValve)

where that road should be
(photo - Nancy DeValve)
road approaching the gate to Sahel Academy
you can barely see the sign, middle right side of the picture
houses here are all mud brick
(photo - Linda Watt)
small "emergency" dike built along the road
gate to campus
(photo - Linda Watt)

looking over the wall of the Sahel Academy compound, behind the dorm
same road, a little further down
collapsed mud brick house
(Photo - Nikki Gray)
filling bags with sand
(Photo - Linda Watt)

road coming from the gate, towards the administrative building
(Photo - Linda Watt)

water covering the road is still relatively shallow
(Photo - Linda Watt)

Right now it sounds like they are pumping water off one end of the campus
about as quickly as it flows back in the other end. 

Tim and Brendan just returned home after working at the campus all morning.
We wait and pray and wait and pray.

Thanks for joining with us in prayer. 

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