11 August 2012

One of our favorite things... and yet we couldn't be there {insert very sad faces}

I was browsing Facebook photos last weekend - and came across this one. I don't know who took it, but it had my nephew tagged, so I'm assuming that is his silhouette in the photo. I immediately recognized the place - Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes in northwest Michigan. We love Sleeping Bear and I just think this is an amazing photo.

But it started me thinking... and feeling a little melancholy... because our nephew Nathan married his sweetheart this summer. And we couldn't be there because we are here. Yes, that is one of the sacrifices of this missionary life. We know that. But it doesn't make it any easier to miss those special moments.

So, we wanted to take this moment to celebrate with Nathan, Natalie and their families!

Nathan is the cute little blondie in this photo ~ he was one of the ring bearers in our wedding. I can't believe that will be 18 years ago this December.

Nathan and Natalie

their lovely wedding cake

the happy couple - from the photos we saw, it looked like a wonderful day

Grandpa Gene dancing with several of his granddaughters

Nathan's mom, Aunt Sue, dancing with Adriana, one of our nieces

David and Sue, Nathan's parents and our brother and sister-in-law,
who have always been so encouraging and supportive of the ministry God has given us.
We are so thankful for them and we just love this absolutely fabulous photo of the two of them! 

~ Mark Regnerus ~

Congratulations, Nathan and Natalie!
May your marriage become, daily, more and more beautiful!

(The I-think-powerful above quote is from a long, but very good and worth the read article entitled "The Case for Young Marriage," published in Christianity Today. Take the time to click and read. It contains excellent food for thought! All of the photos have been Facebook scavenged, except the one from our wedding.)

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  1. Awwww. Thanks very much! It means a lot to us :) It would have been awesome if it had worked out for y'all to be back in the states for the wedding, but as you said, life in His service is often fraught with sacrifice. Your love and wisdom over the years have been a rich blessing, and you and Tim's undying love for each other in the face of difficult situations has been (and will continue to be) a model I look to in my own married life.

    Much love from here in Ohio, and may the grace, mercy, and guidance of the Almighty be ever with you.



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