17 August 2012

Five Minute Friday ~ Stretch

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It's a small collection of image-moments I treasure every day...

It's time to wake the baby... even though she's not really so much of one anymore!

She'd certainly contest that "baby descriptor" if she wasn't...

Still sound asleep

long tresses sprawling every which way 
crisscrossing across MY pillow

toes stretching diagonally across the bed and
invading what should be MY space

fingertips lengthening, sleepily checking to make sure
Daddy is still right there, too

whimisical smile playing at the corner of her lips

long, thick dark eyelashes contrasting sharply 
with all that silky white highlighted with sashes of golden hair

Another day beginning.

Soon sleepy stumblers will start searching squinty-eyed for their breakfasts. Lunches will need packing. Shirts are always pleading for quality time with the iron. Laundry piles commence lining up for next-stage processing. Required inspecting to be sure that shirts somewhat coordinate with shorts can't be forgotten! Hairs need combing while just as desperately teeth are calling out for brushing. We try to initiate that never ending treasure hunt -locating both shoes in the pair- before car doors start slamming shut. Pets pleading for feeding and watering. Then there is the frantic stuffing of homework, lunch forms and signed permission slips into folders... after checking (but some days only hoping) it was completed. Big brother and older sisters are helping with loading bags and backpacks and small children into the Landcruiser.

Some days I'm treasuring this mayhem.

Sadly, other days find me forgetting this blessing and cursing inside all the busyness required.

Except that one moment I covet being mine every day...

Gently prompting her sleepy-slow extending of limbs as she exits slumber land, most often with a smile, rolling into a snuggly hug and muffled words that I rarely understand because they are mumbled into my neck.

I wonder...

...how God will lengthen her future horizons
...what will release her proverbial sword from the stone
...when she will lift high that blade and fight for her Camelot

...where God just might stretch her to effect mighty change in her world.


One night a few months ago, Anna and M&M decided to watch "Camelot." Then Anna dressed her up, they asked for the camera and started taking pictures. I've been waiting for quite awhile to find some excuse to use them 'cause they crack me up. Thanks, Lisa-Jo for today's prompt!!! And thanks to Anna for the fun photos!


  1. This is just darling! And I can relate to the busyness and mayhem! And yes ... may He stretch them and grow them, whatever it takes, so they will grow closer to Him!

  2. So love these pictures of your warrior girl! And your words...love them much! Thanks for sharing! Blessings!


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