18 August 2012

Tori finally made it ~

... to Parc W, that is!

The first time Tim took some of the kids, he didn't want to take the littlers as he wanted to go and scope the place out... see what it would be like before taking the whole family camping with lions, baboons and elephants roamin around. That year, Tori was still considered a littler.

We were all going to go last Christmas break - but then the youngest half of our gang all got sick with a really nasty virus and it didn't seem prudent to take off into the African bush with fevers, croup... well, I'm sure you get the picture. One of those sickies was Tori.

Recently, a young man visiting from Belgium, our pastor, his wife and their kids asked Tim if he'd drive them out to the game park, for the day. He agreed... and decided right then and there that it would be Tori's special trip, too.

She had a G! R! E! A! T! time!

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