19 August 2012

Challenging thoughts (from another blogger) about Uzzah

"Uzzah’s fatal mistake was thinking that his hands were less filthy than the mud on the ground. What is mud but dirt and water doing the will of God? Mud has never sinned; it has never disobeyed God or hated God or tried to raise itself up in the place of God. Mud has never committed adultery or hated anyone or taken God’s name in vain. But Uzzah was a sinner in rebellion against his Maker. His hands were filthy because his heart was filthy with sin. And when his sinful hands touched that holy ark, God responded with just wrath."

To read the rest of this blog post, "The Just Wrath of a Holy God," click on over to Challies.com, Informing the Reforming.

And... just wondering...

Do any of you find this post as powerful as I do?

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