04 April 2011

Multitude Monday - 1000 Gifts ~ The Last Day of Vacation...

...and I have so much for which to be thankful! Some weeks, it seems work to list even a few...which has so much more to do with me than with the pentifulness that surrounds me or with the Giver who lavishes so abundantly.

this week's gratitude list:

#945 unscheduled time spent with my big kids

Yes, I know... she's a goofball!

#946 Nadia's tsoureki (I wanted to snap a photo, but it was completely consumed before I found the camera... guess that means it is a repeat)

#947 the sound of finches outside my window

#948 the privilege of schooling my own children... and how God prepared me long before I even dreamed of children

#949 a substitute "tea-ish" drink

#950 finally getting all the distribution lists figured out

#951 friends who read and respond to our prayer letters

#952 borrowed shoes when mine unexpectedly fell apart

#953 looking into big brown eyes as his tiny tentative hand reaches out to touch my face

#954 my guy figuring out to use Kindle for PC to transfer books to my Kindle ... YIPPEE!!!...

#955 ...and immediately challenged by thoughts that I read there

#956 solitary walk in the shade, sheltered from the blazing sun, time to mentally list things for which I'm thankful

#957 listening to the testimony of one who's long walked with the Lord, who's seen Him faithful and who isn't afraid to share

#958 never recovering from the fact that God inspires "another" to love me... warts and ugliness and stubborness and all... and that "another" listens and obeys

#959 trusses soaring, cement mixer turning, cement pouring, men leveling, workers digging, welder sparking... so much construction progress being made

#960 our RC and all of his patience and hard work supervising this immense construction progress

#961 re-entering the world of tortilla manufacturing, even if re-entry was bumpier than planned - and delighting in Mexican pizzas as a result

#962 tent and pillow houses stretching across the bedroom

#963 anticipating lemon meringue cupcakes - a new recipe I've discovered

#964 my two big boys planning a camping trip

#965 funny and unexpected phone call that made us laugh... full-fledged belly laughs with eyes that twinkled merry

#966 huge calcium pills that easily break in two

#968 escape from the sun, even if just barely

#968 sipping tea, sitting, laughing and visiting - God prescribed and the perfect soul medicine for me that day

#969 knowing I can call, day or night, if I need to... when Tim's out of town...

#970 ...but thankfully, not needing to

#971 looking forward to driving over the new bridge

#972 poured floor

#973 these pictures of workers posing ~ they love to see themselves on the little camera screen... and even better yet, printed up on paper

#974 best friends working together... I just listened to Nadia teaching Anna how to make bread


  1. Wow!!!! I'm breathless! The pictures really moved me, and reading your list just melted me. Thank you so much for your list of gratitudes. I would have loved to share those lemon merengue cupcake thingies with you while hearing all about what you do and your ministry. I'm going to catch up on your blog today. Can't wait to get to know you better!

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Cora, and sorry it has taken so long to respond. Our internet had been hit and miss for a few days. Ever get a hankerin' to visit W. Africa - we love visitors...


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