29 April 2011

Mullings & Musings

"The social consequences of this imbalance are vast and uncorrectable. China and India now face the reality of millions of young men and boys who have absolutely no hope of a wife and family. In China, these young men are called guanggun or “broken branches.” Just consider this — the 30 to 40 million “broken branches” in China are about equal in number to the total number of all boys and young men in the United States.

These young men represent a looming disaster on the societal level. Young males commit the greatest number of criminal acts and acts of violence. Marriage has been the great taming institution for the social development of young males. Without prospect for marriage and a normal sex and family life, these multiple millions of unmarried young men are becoming a significant social challenge in China and India. Some observers even argue that this may lead to an increased militarism in the region."

"God is good for not showing us the ending from the beginning. We would be paralyzed by fear and crippled with anxiety if we knew what the earthly future had in store for each of us. Instead he reveals the ending through our sanctified lives, little by little, step by step. Still He gives us grace-filled, backward glances of insight and understanding as we run the race forwards, leaning towards the finish line, grasping at faith to take us around the next blind curve and over the next steep hill."

“Why water polo?” Piasecki says. “Why not? The opportunity just kind of called out to me . . . Imagine if you're living in a war-torn country, and all there is on TV is soap operas and depressing news about the country. They are looking for something positive.
“People heard about what we were doing and were coming to the front gate of the base asking, 'How can I be part of the water polo team?' It doesn't even matter what sport it is. It's a little piece that can help make the country better.”

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