25 April 2011

Multitude Monday - 1000 Gifts ~ Easter Monday Reminiscing


terribly early morning for littles

that grows into an incredibly long day for those same littles and their daddy and mama

Easter dresses usually ending up irrevocably stained

that ever present (even if mostly unfounded) fear of snake encounters as they run far, wild, laugh and fellowship with their friends without thought, caution or restraint


this remains one of my favorite Niger times, year after year after year

celebrating our Risen Lord together with those who've become our family simply because they're here too...

they've left many and much behind because He has vanquished,

because He lives,

because He empowers
those who hope and pray to be used by the Champion to see Him defeat darkness in individual lives

sweet victory

We tasted victory this weekend
as our little guy (along with 7 others) chose to follow the Lord in Believer's Baptism...
on Easter Sunday!


this week's gratitude list - images of new memories etched at this year's sunrise service and a precious Easter Sunday shared with friends, celebrating...

(#'s 1037 - 1064)

little boys who snuggle while praying that God protects their mama from scorpions

friends who tell me sweet stories of what my kids do when I'm not there

coming up with plans of what we can do to sleep well when it is so hot

excitement over an early morning, delighted to help any way they can

clouds obscuring the sun... but gifting us with the coolest Niamey sunrise service I can recall

listening to the dam in the early morning

many hands making light labor

cheerful, albeit sleepy smiles

greeting the ambassador

several times handed-me-down and repurposed Easter dresses

hearing "He is risen... He is risen indeed!" multiple times

2 year old girls who can sit through a church service, listen and participate best that they can

hearing another of our little ones proclaim delight that Jesus is no longer in the tomb because "He raised and He lives!"

girl praying for her daddy before he preaches and encourages

entrusting the camera to her for the first time, allowing her to capture the event

seeing things from her eyes

yummy shared breakfast snacks and fellowship

kids mesmerized by things that soar... and dreaming of soaring themselves

favorite friends-counted-as-family joining us for Easter dinner

boys washing dishes and cleaning up together... mostly happily

anticipating baked ham, chicken, mashed potatoes, sweet corn and some yummy desserts

chaperoning high school parties while watching teens and visiting with amazing friends

learning about & trying out a "roach coach"

seeing my guy encouraged from an unexpected source... who has been there, walked that path... hearing him open up and talk...

being awaked by an early morning phone call and the privilege of praying for friends we've truly grown to love

multilingual, multicultural baptismal services giving glimpses of someday in heaven...

all of Elsie Mae's questions about why Jonathan was getting baptized... why we should be baptized...

being baptized by Daddy and Pastor Dave

dripping, smiling boy


(Thanks to Anna, who took most of these photos!)


  1. Love it, beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, that looks like a wonderful day!


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