26 April 2011


A former pastor of one of our supporting churches writes and sends out a daily devotional that I always appreciate. Recently, he sent these thoughts about 2 Peter 2.1-12... and as a mama who has nursed 8 babies, God's word picture of craving milk like a babe is a powerful image...

“...if we are craving Scripture we will not be focusing on ourselves or others. He encourages our cravings to be intense, like a young baby calling out for milk, only to be satisfied when milk is received. When hungry, no amount of walking, rocking, singing, or holding will be sufficient; only milk will satisfy. May we so crave and only be satisfied in the Word of God. We must not cling to reading books, listening to sermons, singing hymns and songs of faith, or fellowshipping with the saints. Though each of these is good… they must never be substituted for time in the Word of God. Our diligence, our craving must be for God and His Word, for it is here we learn of His grace and goodness, here we learn of His redemptive plan, here we see His mercy and faithfulness,here we learn of true worship, and here we learn to love Him. May we have a never satisfied and always growing craving for our Lord and His Holy Word."

Mary Michelle (Dec. 2008) snuggled up to her Gammie... after her tummy had been filled.

It is easy to grab for something good... all of those other things listed above... and miss out on the best - the very words of God Himself, the very person of Jesus, Word Incarnate.

  • Why do you think this is such a common struggle?
  • Do you think all of the "tools" and other writings and reflections we have serve to distract rather than direct?
  • How do you keep from falling into that trap?

(Thanks, Pastor Terry Burlingame for reminding me and challenging me with these thoughts!)

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