12 April 2011

Ever tried a BLT salad?

It has become a hot season family favorite in the past two months. I found the recipe in a magazine while we were home on furlough, tore it out, stuffed it in a suitcase and it made the trip back to Niger with us. I rediscovered it about around Christmas time and pulled it out - and then I couldn't find the bacon/ham bits that I wanted to use to try it for several weeks. Pretty typical of life in Niamey... since that time, I have also lost the recipe page, so I don't know how closely our version ressembles the original and I have no idea of measurements either. That's also okay, since I tend to be a pour and dump sort of cook, not one who measures things out exactly.

Make a simple salad with lettuce and we like onions, too.

Fry up several pieces of bacon (Tim says the more the better!), crumble and set aside.

Slice several tomatoes (I usually plan on 2-3 slices per person).

Bread the tomatoes - flour - egg - cornmeal... and then fry in the bacon/ham grease.

Cool the tomatoes to room temperature and distribute on the salad.

It's delightful with ranch dressing, but I've also made an avocado dressing that Tim, Nadia, Anna and I really enjoy:

Peel and seed a couple of avocadoes.

Chop an onion.

Mince some garlic.

Put these in the blender.

Add some yogurt... or fresh creme... or just really thick powdered milk...

Season to taste with the local "piment" here in Niamey or some chili powder and blend until smooth.

Even Jonathan (our pickiest eater) is learning to like it and M&M thinks the breaded/fried tomatoes are to die for!


  1. that looks and sounds delicious - especially the avocado dressing! YUMMY! Now, to wait until the baby is born and onions stop giving me heartburn. :-)

  2. this looks so yummy - will have to try it once the lettuce in my garden grows. mom~ster


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