08 April 2011

Mullings and Musings...

"One of those smart people I follow on Twitter is a guy named Sean Carroll, a theoretical physicist (and atheist) who recently posted an essay titled "Does the Universe Need God?", a question which he answers (spoiler!) "No."

Carroll's essay was the inspiration for this post, not because of his arguments against God (which are less virulent atheist and more God-is-outside-the-realm-of-testable-and-provable-science), but because of the way he framed the question.

Does the Universe need God?

Does it matter?

I do.

This? I know."

Calvin's "take" on current economic trends...

"Sourdough is a champion traditional food (don't miss Stacey's post on sourdough next Friday). By slowly fermenting the grain during the souring process, it becomes easily digestible (sometimes even for those with allergies or particular grain sensitivities), it reduces phytates (for better mineral availability and absorption), it even lower the insulin response to consuming the carbohydrates.

What the book includes:
  1. Starting a Starter, Caring for a Starter, and Gluten-Free Sourdough
  2. Sourdough Routines: An Interview with Three Bloggers
  3. Tortillas & Tortilla Chips
  4. Cakes: Chocolate & Spice
  5. No-Knead Sourdough Bread with Many Uses: Pita Bread, English Muffins, Cinnamon Rolls
  6. and more!"

"...Paul attends public schools, they assess his educational progress as mandated by various federal and state bodies.

The things they want to measure, he can’t do.  His scores on reading, reading comprehension, math, math concepts and the like were as low as you can score and still be breathing.

The things they can’t measure – like his inherent, God-created dignity as a human being – he excels at.

I used to cry when those came in the mail every year.  They still make me sad, not because of how severely disabled they ‘objectively’ show him to be, but because this is the cultural measure of his worth..."
"Why do I want you to know about the fistula epidemic?  It is not my story.... I want you to know that the need, the poverty, that exists in the world outside of America is beyond what we can really comprehend.  Even me, as I sit here typing on my imac.  I will never really know or be able to imagine what her story really feels like daily.  I am learning that my middle class American life- that I thought was not that flashy or extravagant- really was.  I made $32,000 a year teaching in a public school.  I thought I was kind of low on the socioeconomic totem poll.  Maybe.  In America.  But when I left the comfortable confines of my homeland, I found that the majority of the world operates on a totally different game board with totally different pieces.  I want to encourage you to take a break from the game you’re in and dare to sacrifice for a woman- or a child- or someone somewhere else in the world who could really use your help.  I want to encourage you to travel- not on vacation, but to a place less beautiful than that.  Take the time to educate yourself experientially.  Even if it means giving up something that you feel like you 'need' to succeed at the game of Life.  I want you to pray.  Pray for that woman whose name you do not know, but whose story you have heard.  I want you to know that your life can make a difference to more than just you or your kids or your neighbor.  That is what I want you to know."

"When you think of world record holders in track and field - Usain Bolt or Florence Griffith Joyner may come to mind. But what about Canadian Olga Kotelko?

She's racked up enough medals to fill a treasure chest and her competitive quest has taken her from Argentina to Australia.

Yet, perhaps most remarkable is that most people Olga's age consider it an accomplishment - and exercise - simply to be breathing in and out!"

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