31 March 2011

You blink... and they become…

...it's one of those love/hate relationships...

Me hating the fact that it goes so fast,
that my time with each one is limited,
that I forget, mix up priorities and then miss something precious...
that there is no magic brick to place on heads to at least slow down the process.

So I seek to delight in every moment –
not only the sweet ones,
but also the savory or bitter or salty ones –
even the hard ones and spoiled ones...

simply because it is a moment WITH,
a moment that still belongs to me,
before they become…

Yet I also find myself intrigued by who God is growing them to be.

So at the same time, I’m loving the watching,
the participating,
in His maturing and ripening of these little ones
into bigger and finally mature ones.

I’m ever amazed that He chose to share them with me and my husband.

It is a priceless front row seat
as He uses us,
and this life He’s called us to,
in making each one into a unique chef-d’oeuvre…

...flourishing them, 
and often, in spite of me,
because He is the great I AM. 
Each one is not only becoming,
but is already counted,
 a precious masterpiece of His.

(While we can claim most of the the great kids and young people in these photos as part of our tribe..., we can't claim them all... although we DO take them on loan from their parents every chance they give us!)


  1. Richelle, I found you and your blog through Laura Parker's. I am preparing for the BIG MOVE long-term to Hungary in Eastern Europe to work with students, have two kids 3.5 and 1.5 and started the journey with this particular ministry in 2005 when I left teaching and my husband banking to go for a year to Hungary to work with students (pre-kids;)

    I love this...it is beautiful and true and so well, I hope to stay friends as I am looking for as many missionary blogs as I can--b/c well, I am in the hard-to-keep-taking-it-one-thing-at-a-time stage...

    and ann's blog is my favorite too:-)

    so nice to 'meet' you:-)

    Abby @ Fan the Flame (writing blog)
    Abby Avenue (family blog:)

  2. nice to meet you, too, Abby. thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. where are you in the preparation stage for your big move - what exciting opportunities the Lord must have for you!


  3. Richelle....

    Loved this blog post. My baby, Jon, turned 21 on Aug. 1st. I share your same sentiment. I'm awed and blessed, yet incredulous that He entrusted me, an imperfect child, with such precious gifts...

    Even with Becky turning 28 this summer, each year pulls heart strings to see the next steps in her and Adam's life. I don't think the expectancy of a Mom's heart ever rests after conception! It is always delightful to see what GOD is creating them to be, even when it involves pain and an aching heart, there is a hope and expectation of a great GOD doing great things.

    Hugs to you. Don't know how you have time to do this with all else you do!

    Mama C


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