13 March 2011

Ever Elusive

...a DECENT family photo

where everyone is looking at the camera...

smiling (or with a "pleasant expression"
- Tim adamantly refuses to smile)
and able to all be seen...

Close, but no cigar...

Then on this one, it looks like Tori's head was a bad photo shop...

It wasn't! She came up with that position all by herself. She does "that" when she's trying to look cute.

And then, after several minutes, Jonathan starts to lose it and turns into a clown...

The only word for this attempt?

We finally settled on this one!
Jon's goofy - but that is pretty normal, so...

that just makes this an authentic family photo!


la famille Wright
3 March 2011

(Thanks to Larry for the photos, Beth for the posing suggestions and help.)

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