04 March 2011

Mulling over... Musing on... this week

Be sure and read the comments for a few funny language learning stories... if you've been there, done that (and maybe even if you haven't), you'll be rolling on the floor, laughing!

It has been a joy and my privilege to work with this young woman in the Center at Sahel this year - I love seeing Niger, Africa, missions and aid/development work, poverty... even trash... afresh and anew through her eyes - and love that all of my kids look up to her 'cause she's got valuable things to share with them in the short time that our lives and worlds will cross.

...hopeful... possibly the beginning of a new trend?

With visitors in town and lots to do, this was a timely and God-sent reminder... Jesus gently saying to me, "Richelle, Richelle, ..."
God just won't let me get away from this topic of gentleness... and moderation... and how those need to be defining characteristics of my life, the evidence of His hand. This post was more food for thought.

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  1. Hi Richelle,

    Loved reading about your family and ministry! Nice to meet you(:


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