11 March 2011

Mulling over... Musing on... this week

If you do happen to lose a bit of yourself in ministry to others, would that be such a bad thing? It’s like when a friend helps you during a major move to another house or location. While you carefully pack the senseless junk that is neither useful nor particularly lovely, your friend - who has no sentimental attachment to your clutter - gently rebukes you: “Why would you want to keep that?...”
" 'Let your forebearing spirit be known to all men.' Now that's a very very important statement and a very important element in this matter of spiritual stability. It is really speaking about contentment. It could read, 'Let your contentment be known to all men.' In fact, I suppose that for every translation of this text there is probably a different word used here because this is one of those almost untranslatable Greek terms...epieikes, it's practically untranslatable if you're talking about translating it one word for one word. It means more than anyone English word can capture..." (referring to Philippians 4:5)
"A 2006 study published in The American Journal of Medicine tells us that 'sodium intake of less than 2300 mg (the daily recommended allowance) was associated with a 37% increase in cardiovascular disease mortality and a 28% increase of all-cause mortality....' "
Discovered this article near the end of writing my own blog post on the subject... It is always encouraging to know I'm not the only one who thinks something.
Can I say shout "Amen!" and "Amen!" and "Amen!" and...???

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