24 March 2011

~ French Cruellers ~

The last Saturday of the month is dedicated to donut design...
It is our new-to-us-this-term family tradition.

We enjoy donuts.
Not all the time... not even too often...
we can't just drive to Tim Horton's or Dunkin Donuts when we get a hankerin'.
That meant I had to learn how to make them.
A lot of work and a lot of fun,
last month I finally made my most favorite kind of donut:

The recipe claimed to be exceptionally easy...
So I started with great confidence and expectations
...and I had no clue!
After all, what was a "pate à choux?"
and I like to think I do passably well in understanding French!

Maybe it will be the next time around...
Although not impossible, I certainly wouldn't have used the words
"exceptionally easy"
as a description...
but maybe that was just me
until I figured it out, and Tim helped me assemble the cookie press, that's for sure!

But they DID turn out and they were...
They are still my favorite!
And unlike a lot of the other donuts we've made,
they taste better after cooling off, sitting for a bit -
except not many lasted that long!

I figured I'd wait a few months before I
"did a repeat"
which is what the kiddos call a recipe they want me to fix again.

But, it is that time.
Saturday will be our donut morning.
I'm thinking these look pretty good.

How about you?
Anyone want to come and join us?

I aim to serve some donuts in between 10:30 and 11...

Just let me know you are coming so I make enough.

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