27 March 2011

Who I wish I was hanging with today...

Unfortunately our littlest pipsqueak has been fighting a fever for the past two days, so I'm on nursing duty. I miss these gals when I don't get to see them, though.

I'm thankful for my friends, Rabi and Amina!

This week, I'll be preparing for Bible study this coming Saturday.
Please bathe this time the Lord gives to spend with the ladies of our church in prayer.

I'm not sure just yet what verse, but we'll be looking at
a single verse,
word by word,
just as we did with Phil 4:5 last time.

Pray that they remember their "homework" and that they begin to gain the confidence that God will speak to them... that He longs to speak to them...


  1. Beautiful picture! I am so sorry to hear that your "pipsqueak" is sick. Praying for health and also for your upcoming Bible study!

  2. thanks, Ashley! appreciate the prayers for both of those!


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