19 October 2010

Picture Perfect... a "Sister Study," by Rebekah Joy

Sometimes, it is fun to see how siblings see each other. Rebekah snapped these photos of Mary Michelle a few months ago, while waiting for crazy parents to take care of canoeing logistics. I love Rebekah's attention to both light, little details and our little peanut's beautiful blue, blue eyes!

And... a couple of disclaimers/observations:
1. I don't know if the scrum on her face is dirt or oreo cookie remnants. It could be either. It could also be both.
2. Rebekah probably gets her fascination with baby hands from her mama...
3. These photos were taken in July - I can't believe how much she has already changed in three short months... yet at the same time, these pictures feel like they were taken a lifetime ago in diametrically different world.
4. That Nemo shirt has been a favorite of Jonathan, Elsie Mae and now Mary Michelle. It is hard to believe it will soon be permanently outgrown...

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