18 October 2010

Multitude Monday - 1000 Gifts ~ "Grace, grace, God's grace..."

"...maybe it would be better to give back our Bibles
than to let them become frilly ornaments to unexamined lives.
 Help us to hear every eternal, inspired fragment of truth
 that issues from the revelation of the Word of God. "
~ David Jeremiah ~
#491 the pursuit of a just and holy God - those He has captured, He never lets go
#492 "the captivating presence of grace"
#493 empty hands, for "God always pours His grace into empty hands" (St. Augustine)
#494 grace... which happens, but it also acts
#495 that a moment of grace can change eternity
#496 "abundant grace for abundant sin"
#497 acknowledging "...the darkness within us and the light that comes only from God. Both are unrelenting, and both define every moment of our life. Every atom in our bodies is infected by the disease of sin, but every atom may likewise be covered by the grace of God. The vilest offender can reap the deepest joys of heaven. The only requirement comes in two supreme realizations: first, that we are totally contaminated; second, that we are totally forgiven only through the love and grace and sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ." (p. 33)
#498 grace: apart from works, accepted by faith, available to all who believe, attained by justification, awarded freely, acquired through redemption, accomplished through propitiation
#499 revisiting again the parable of two lost sons... and their amazing father
#500 the spotlight of the Holy Spirit that shows my need for confession and repentence
This gratitude list all comes from a book I'm currently reading, well-known truths ...of which it never hurts to be reminded... of which I often need to be reminded. I'm only four chapters in, am reading it slowly, prayerfully and have been so richly blessed... Captured by Grace, by David Jeremiah.
holy experience

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