22 October 2010

~ some great posts by friends (and fellow carpoolers) of ours ~

They aren't for the squeamish or the dinner table ~

~ But they are very applicable and relevant to life in Niger.

Our message is one of eternal life... but sometimes, first, it helps to improve quality of life so that people aren't so distracted just surviving that they never hear His Words of Life.

And so, we appreciate organizations who are here and helping to meet physical needs in this impoverished nation.

Go ahead... read if you dare...


  1. Aww...you read Toilet Tuesdays!!! That is so nice!!!

  2. would you, could you, expect anything different?

    ps we're also doing a lot of reading of dr. seuss around our house these days... and i'm tending to think in seuss phrasology... all the time... annoying.

  3. Wait until you start singing in Seuss! Love it!


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