21 October 2010

We've recently discovered...

...the movie Monsters vs Aliens.

"Girl becomes monster, girl meets other monsters, monsters battle aliens to save the world. (I think that storyline was number five on the list.) Monsters vs. Aliens brims with colorfully animated action and enjoyable characters, as well as humorous winks at other well-known monster-movie moments. ...this 3-D adventure (on most screens) [does not] offer flawless family entertainment... The scriptwriters occasionally swerve around the star chart in their quest for stellar laughs.
As has often been the case with DreamWorks' other animated efforts (Madagascar, Shrek, Shark Tale), problem areas predictably involve mild toilet humor, suggestive sight gags and a smattering of knotty language—all of which could easily have been avoided. While Monsters vs. Aliens is probably as good as it gets from DreamWorks on that score, the film nevertheless falls just short of the modern-day animated standard set by Pixar with films such as Finding Nemo, WALL-E and Toy Story.
Still, Monsters vs. Aliens majors on solid lessons about friendship and self-sacrifice ... and even takes the time to treat audiences to a rendition of Purple People Eater as the credits roll. All of which should keep old and (not too) young alike (mostly) grinning for its 94-minute ride." (full review from Focus on the Family's Plugged-In)
I'd have to say I agree completely with this review. We have thoroughly enjoyed the movie, have been able to use the questionable moments as teaching opportunities with our children, and in general have loved the overall message of the movie.

But, I'm curious to know - if you've seen the movie, what do you think, and why?

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