09 October 2010

Way too many going NUTS in Niamey

Nope... not talking about the taxi drivers or maniac motorcyclists... though sanity is often questionable.

Never minding that finding tea, of all things, has become a taxing (physically, not financially) experience.

Not even a reflection on rains returning, continuing
 ...again and again...
...in October, even!

Nope... NOT. AT. ALL!!!

...Niamey Universal Tournament of Softball ...

~ THIS ~

is what all the craziness is!

A highlight of hot season (of the mini variety)...
we look forward to the
Niamey Universal Tournament of Softball

(Tim and Brendan are playing for one of Sahel's several teams... Go Raging Suns!)

All photos taken by students, their parents or staff of Sahel Academy.

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